Pokemon Ruby GameShark Codes

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Pokémon Ruby, like all other games in the Pokemon series has no cheats you can use to move forward and get more / rarer Pokemon. Fortunately, there are a number of codes that you can use GameShark to do almost anything in the game as the choice of wild Pokémon that appear (this can be done to mew seems) to publish new material.

So for those, "What is the GameShark wonder, what to do and how to useReally? "No longer to edit. Wonderware essentially a device used GameShark video games and unlock new tricks that will not be released otherwise. For example, with Pokemon Ruby GameShark codes, you can do things they otherwise would not be possible in the game. If you use a GameShark is not for everyone, certainly has its advantages. There is a similar device that is similar as Action Replay.

To work with Pokemon RubyGameShark codes, you must first master the code that defines the use in the real game GameShark. The code is as follows:

530823D9 16,558,191

Some of my favorite codes: the education of my Pokemon any HM / TM / Move I like the walk "through walls code", the eggs' hatch quickly, "the code (for example, you can play Pokemon faster than ever - one of my favorite things to do) and the code for catching wild Latias (one of the legendary dragon MentalPokémon of all). A word of warning, but only with these codes, if you are sure you will never be in a tournament official Nintendo Pokemon, such as a ban on all games that have been modified.

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